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Friday, January 8, 2010

Food, glorious food!

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Do you remember the best meal of your life?

I do. It was (obviously) in my pre-vegetarian days at a pub in Dublin. I was never a huge meat eater but everyone said I "had" to try beef and Guinness stew while in Ireland.

So I did and this is what came to the table:

Holy yum. First, the greatest food ever invented is mashed potatoes so it's a total win on that count. Underneath the potatoes is the stew itself, and on the side were roasted parsnips or swede (rutabaga) and sweet potato, if memory serves correctly.

I can't explain why this meal was so incredible -- maybe it was the pouring rain outside, chilly fall weather and total blanket of fog that hits Ireland in mid-November that made this hot and hearty meal a winner. (Note to other travelers: November is probably not the best time to visit Ireland.)

Over the course of two days in Ireland, I ate this same meal twice, including once at a pub where the owner complimented my name ("Erin" is the Irish name for Ireland) and then especially-made the stew for me when it wasn't on the menu. Erin go bragh.

The runner-up has to be every single meal I ate in Thailand. This green curry was the first thing I ate arriving in Chiang Mai so it's probably the most memorable:

What was your favorite meal ever?