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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pizza made simple

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Remember the other day when I laid out my rules for good pizza? Thin crust, light on the cheese and sauce, lots of veggies... That can be hard to find though as too often, delivery pizza is greasy, gooey and gross.

Looking closely at this picture, I realized that every single ingredient was from TJ's. Sad, really.

So why order mediocre delivery -- or pay the big bucks for a gourmet pie -- when homemade pizza is easy, cheap and healthy?

Trader Joe's -- oh yes, it all comes back to TJ's -- sells amazing whole wheat pizza dough for .99. You can't beat that! My family split the dough into thirds so each person could make her own individual pizza.

So good! I loaded mine down with a little homemade tomato sauce, a sprinkling of shredded mozzarella, and huge handfuls of spinach, bell pepper and tomato. Top with basil, pop into the oven at 350* for 10-12 minutes and -- done!

The TJ's crust has the perfect chewy consistency and since you control every topping, there's no grease or oil to mop up. Paired with a salad, this was perfect for dinner and, even after my sister dropped half on the floor, was equally tasty the next day for lunch. Hey, you shouldn't waste food! ;)

All told, this homemade pizza was a fraction of the cost of ordering out, with way fewer calories and fat. Before, I've made pizza at home using tortillas or pita bread, both good alternatives but not quite the same as "real" pizza. No more.

Call me a convert but don't call Domino's.

Do you try to recreate and/or healthify your favorite foods at home? Recipes, please!


  1. Yum! Your pizza looks good! I love peppers, spinach and tomaotes on mine!

    We do recreate recipes. Here are our versions of Pad Siew and pizza.

  2. Don't tell anyone, but I secretly like Domino's although I only eat it maybe twice a year.

  3. Great stuff here. A happy holiday season to you and your readers!