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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Brrr... it's cold in here!

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Whew, made it to 2010!

It was a low-key New Year's here, celebrated at a friend's house with an eye-wateringly spicy veggie stir-fry, a few bottles of good red wine and a midnight champagne toast to a fantastic next decade.

Unfortunately, I left my camera at said friend's house so there aren't any pictures documenting the festivities... but it was fun to have a quieter celebration. Who needs 1000 strangers when you're surrounded by great friends?

It's been an ideal weekend to catch up at movie theatres as the freezing temperatures deter me from wanting to spend any time outside.

Up in the Air was funny and sardonic, with really well-defined characters and a clever mix of humor and genuine emotion. It was also a scary look at the look my life could take if I don't settle down soon...! Although if I could bump into George Clooney on the way, that would be too bad.

The surprise of the weekend, though, was The Blind Side, which I initially dismissed as just a football movie until I kept hearing how incredible it was. I enjoyed it so much more than expected, pleased that there was much more to the story than sports and impressed by performances all-around. It made you feel hopeful about America and Americans, and the good we can do in our own lives.

Have you seen any good movies lately? Anything you want to see? I was really blown-away by Precious and would highly recommend it; I expected good things for Pirate Radio (because Richard Curtis is a genius) but it definitely didn't live up to those hopes. On my to-watch list are It's Complicated (gotta love Meryl Streep!) and Nine (not sure what it's about but it's a musical set in Italy -- what more do you need?!).


  1. I just saw avatar today and it was really good. totally not what i expected but it was really well done. The only movie i want to see next is alice in wonderland. nothing else looks good to me.
    it is also freezing here in these parts.
    my new years was spent with a good friend and then even greater people. loved it. i actually was weepy when 2009 closed. i hope 2010 is good but i am apprehensive.

  2. i have the book precious was based on if you want to borrow it...its a quick read (i read it in a day!) but its definitely intense.

  3. I am more of a book person by nature- however it's complicated looks lovely !