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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Where did the snow go?

Examiner.com: New Year's traditions around the globe

This snow is just a memory now...

It's back to greenish brown earth and bright blue skies. Not terrible but there's something exciting about snow around the holidays. And I'm not talking about the disgusting wintry mix due to hit Washington New Year's Eve -- that's just going to ruin plans for the evening, not contribute to the festivities or make things cozy and lovely.

I'm still mulling over resolutions, which I always make and break within roughly the same week. Last year, I recapped the adventures of 2008 rather than make any promises I know I'll break. Tomorrow, I'll do the same for 2009.

I did, however, prophesize last year that 2009 would be the best year of my life and while that's a hard thing to measure, it was a pretty darn good year.

Will 2010 be even better? We'll have to wait and see... but come back tomorrow for a full recap of the past year in photos.

Do you make New Year's resolutions?