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Saturday, December 19, 2009

I want to wash my hands, my face and hair with snow

Examiner.com: Best sledding hills in DC, MD, VA

The soundtrack for this post obviously needs to be "Snow" from White Christmas.

What a change from a few days ago:

In case you've been living under a rock -- or don't live on the East Coast -- it's SNOWING! And not just a few flakes. Big, heavy, wet, solid snowflakes.

Did you know it's still technically autumn? Winter doesn't officially begin until December 21 so this is really an autumn blizzard. (A "blizzard" is defined by sustained winds of 35 MPH and visibility of less than 500 feet in falling or blowing snow, lasting at least 3 hours. It's not just a lot of snow!)

8 inches have already fallen and another 10-12 are expected. It's absolutely gorgeous outside as most people are keeping off the roads, leaving a clean blanket of white snow covering everything.

I went for a short walk this morning to take pictures and it's freezing out there! Bundled up in three sweaters, two pairs of gloves, two pairs of wool socks, long johns, jeans, an ear warmer and a heavy coat, I had to come back inside after about 15 minutes because my fingers felt like they might fall off. Ouch!

It's pretty clear DC is going to surpass its December snowfall record, created on December 17, 1932, when 12 inches fell. The overall snowfall record for the city -- official National Weather Service amounts are measured at Reagan National Airport -- was 22 inches in late January 1922.

The last big snowfall I can remember was 16 inches in 2003. We were living in a temporary apartment before moving into our current house and had to dig out the car with trashcans because our shovels were all in storage!

For now, I'm happy to stay indoors by the fireplace, listening to Christmas music. Big afternoon plans include baking a few batches of cookies (last night were Rancho La Puerta cranberry chocolate chip cookies) and watching a Christmas movie or two.

Maybe I'll even brave the storm again to do some shoveling. Tomorrow, there will definitely be photos of the final snowfall. It's a big one!

How are you enjoying the snow day?