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Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's a hard knock life

Check out my first post as Examiner.com's DC Travel Examiner: 15 days of DC holiday sights.

I'll be writing for the site a few times a week and covering not just Washington, but destinations around the world. This is a cool opportunity to reach a larger audience and hone my writing skills. It's also something to put on my resume during this long lull between jobs. Definitely let me know what you think, leave comments and throw story ideas my way.

Thankfully, I can write about places besides Washington because as you all know, the next few months will see me spend more time abroad than at home -- but what else is new?

Tomorrow, my dad, sister and I leave for Costa Rica and I'm pumped, especially in light of the cold front that blew in over the weekend and shows no sign of going away.

Earlier this week, we finalized plans for the second half of our trip. After reading about some of the seedier beaches Costa Rica has offer -- and being confident that wasn't for us, even as the dental hygienist yesterday warned me not to "party too hard" -- we settled Quepos, a smaller town on the Pacific Coast.

The lodge we're staying at, the eco-conscious Blue Bayan Inn, looks like a mini paradise, tucked away in the mountains with an animal sanctuary on premises. There's even an organic garden and fresh, natural food served daily. Major relaxation and eco-love.

In talking to people about this trip -- and mentioning the past year and plans for the future -- all I keep saying is, "I can't complain." No matter what might stress me out at any one moment, I'm beyond blessed to spend so much time traveling and realize daily that it's a luxury not to be taken for granted.

Of course, I'm getting spoiled with these warm weather escapes in the middle of winter between January's jaunt to Thailand, March madness in the Philippines and now Costa Rica. To be fair, I did escape Seoul's summer for Sydney's winter... but it was a pretty good trade. ;)

In a year, when I'm probably safely ensconced at some office job, this will all feel like a dream. But until then...

Hasta luego!

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