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Thursday, November 12, 2009

A few laps before dinner

When the sun is shining and the November temps still hover in the high-50s, it's hard to stay inside all day. Whether working a desk job or stuck packing boxes in a cave-like apartment -- my grandmother collected aluminum and I've packed so much that last night, I dreamed about it! -- getting outdoors even for a brief time can be a lifesaver.

Taking a few laps around the apartment complex every afternoon completely rejuvenates me, whether it's the sunshine or stretching my legs. It was peaceful after a long day of running errands today to get out into the crisp weather. I ended up doing some strength moves by the lake, under a cloudless cerulean sky, as Kate Rusby played on my iPod. Very relaxing.

The day's biggest excitement involved a trip to a coin dealer to find out the value of a number of antique coins discovered around the house. These days, many coins are worth more for their junk metal value than rarity but a collection of silver half-dollars, quarters and dimes brought in a nice $520 cash value. Not too bad for found money.

We'll see what happens at Coinstar when we cash in the rest of the change discovered in various envelopes, tins and jars around the apartment. It's amazing what you can put aside and forget about.

Tomorrow it's off to Petersburg, the tiny town where my mom grew up. Growing up, it was always fun to visit my grandparents there and enjoy banana splits at the now-closed Dairy Queen. It's been years since I was there...

How often do you visit out-of-town relatives?