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Monday, October 19, 2009

Do you know Costa Rica?

Has anyone been to Costa Rica and have any recommendations/travel tips/suggestions? My dad, sister and I are trying to plan a getaway weekend and it's one of the places we're considering going but I know almost nothing about it. With only four days -- is it a good place to go?

Last year, I went to Belize and Guatemala for a long weekend and loved them, so was thinking Costa Rica would be equally fantastic.

Any other budget-friendly long weekend suggestions (preferably in a warm climate) would be welcomed. We talked about going to Yellowstone but November might be a little cold and snowy to do much hiking around...

Another idea was a cruise to the Bahamas but while it would offer warm weather and nice beaches, a Caribbean vacation just isn't quite my top choice. I'd be happy lounging around in the sun, but I'd much prefer visiting somewhere to soak up local culture beyond thousands of Americans jostling for space on a white sand beach.

Call me a snob; I know it's true.

There's always Southern California -- beaches, great food, lots of outdoorsy stuff to do and easy to plan. Maybe that's the way to go!