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Friday, October 16, 2009

Photography exhibits galore

When the weather starts getting cold, I want to spend as little time outdoors as possible. Luckily, there are a ton of FREE indoor things to do in DC and the plethora of museums are just one option.

This week, I spent some time at the National Building Museum. It's one of those museums I don't visit often, maybe once a year or less, but each time I'm reminded again what a stunning building it is inside and out. It's also rarely crowded as many tourists ignore this museum -- or are unaware of it -- and focus instead on the Smithsonian and monuments.

My favorite exhibit was Storefront Churches: Photographs by Camilo José Vergara. Vergara takes pictures of unusual churches from around the United States, from those with funny signs to converted stores or restaurants. One of my favorites was a former fast food restaurant that is now an evangelical church. It was also interesting seeing time lapse photos from the 1970s to today, and how an area has changed over time.

The other exhibit I saw was Form and Movement: Photographs by Philip Trager. (Can you tell I like photography?) Trager is best known as a photographer of architecture and displayed here pictures of houses and buildings from around the United States, France and Italy. He has a talent for unusual angles and manipulating the images to make certain aspects pop.

I loved this shot from Paris:

There were also some fantastic portraits of dancers included in the gallery, almost everything in black and white.

Like almost all of DC's museums, the National Building Museum is free and worth checking out. If nothing else, the building itself is stunning and worth walking through, plus there's a Firehook Bakery and Coffee House on that ground floor that's always delicious.

Do you like visiting museums in your free time. Some people love it, others are bored to death. I was often bored as a kid (except at the exceptional Air and Space Museum) but now I love museums!