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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Who says you can't go home?

Well, Thomas Wolfe said "You Can't Go Home Again" (incidentally, it's a brilliant book) but 15 hours in, it's going pretty well. Pictures coming soon but all I'll say is: hummus is SO worth waiting for.

Yesterday was the longest day of my life. Up and out the door while the sun barely peeked through Seoul's sky, into a cab and bus to Incheon and then the painless flight to Tokyo. It was smooth sailing and easy to hop onto the next Detroit-bound plane for the 11-hour haul east. Mediocre movies (Imagine That, State of Play and Night at the Museum 2) but some quality TV ("30 Rock" and "Friends").

Northwest, while certainly not the nicest airline I've ever flown, had decent vegetarian meals, including pumpkin pie AND pumpkin bread. Yummo. Besides that, I basically got steamed or roasted vegetables for every meal but it certainly looked better than the unidentifiable dog food my seatmates had.

It was strange landing in Detroit and suddenly being transported back to America. Although when I went to Starbucks for my much-requested pumpkin spice latte, it took three tries for the barista to understand me and then it turned out they were out of pumpkin spice! It was like being back in Korea...

Once finally home, Lebanese Taverna lived up to every expectation I had. Could I love it more? Nope -- pita hot from the oven, perfect hummus, cinnamon-y m'saka and fresh Lebanese salad. It was intense.

Surprisingly, I was able to stay up until 10 -- had to watch "The Office" -- despite not having slept for almost 30 hours. And waking up this morning at the perfectly reasonable, if rather late, time of 8:00 was great. I feel well-rested and ready to face a day of Costco, Starbucks (gotta get my fix) and dinner with Megan.

So I agree with Bon Jovi and Sugarland: Who says you can't go home?