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Monday, September 28, 2009

My life is entwined with pad thai

A perfect night out involves good friends and good food. Everything else is secondary.

Me, Aaron and Randy -- Aaron and I have successfully convinced students every week that we're siblings because we have the same name.

Wanting to have one last dinner with Jennifer, who worked at SEV before transferring to a public school, a group of us met at a Thai restaurant at I'Park Mall near Yongsan.

Tira, Sarah and Jennifer, who's coming to the USA in December and making a trip to Washington!

While nothing can ever come close to the ridiculously amazing, unforgettable, mouth-watering, to-die-for food when you're actually in Thailand, this restaurant offered some of the best pad thai I've ever had. And I've had a LOT of pad thai. My parents like to tell the story of me being "Star of the Week" in Montessori school and listing pad thai as my favorite food, while everyone else had things like pizza and mac & cheese. True story.

After trying bites of everyone else's curries and noodle dishes, I can confirm that they were all delicious. My pad thai came with shrimp -- downsides were the ZERO vegetarian options and only 3 shrimp on the entire plate -- and was a bargain at 8,000 won. Much cheaper than most Thai restaurants in Korea and the USA.

Dinner was followed by a long chat session at Smoothie King (or, as it's pronounced and phonetically written in Korean: "suh-mu-dee keeng"). Can you imagine the slogan on these cups being used in America?!

All in all, a fantastic night with fabulous people.

Two more days left in Korea and the panicking has started big time. Last night, I dreamt I missed the plane and ended up in hysterical tears at the gate, which had closed just as I ran up. You think all the traveling I do would mellow me out but I still get little butterflies before every trip. It's always an adventure.

Are you a nervous traveler? I'm really not but I just like things to go smoothly. Once I'm through check-in, it's all smooth.