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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sun-kissed veggies

A beautiful, sunshine-y autumn day. Perfect for shopping at an open-air market (check!), lunch al fresco at a cute cafe (check!) and a long walk around the neighborhood (check!).

Also, ideal conditions for drying the rest of your vegetables before the chill comes on. Yes, it's kimchi season and every household has gotten into the act. Walking around the neighborhood today -- a primarily residential, quiet section of Seoul -- many of the houses had their chillies set out to dry.

Some homes only had a small cluster

while others got busy preparing a feast of ingredients.

One house even had eggplant dangling from hangers on its balcony-- yum!

I'm so curious what dishes these families will make, besides the obvious kimchi. For instance, I've never noticed eggplant in a Korean dish but it must be fairly popular since there are tons of eggplants for sale at the market.

Mmm... all this talk of food is making me hungry. It's dinner time!