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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane

The flight is booked.

At 11:25 AM on October 1, I'll depart the Korean peninsula and head east. After brief layovers in Tokyo and Detroit, my (triumphant?) homecoming is scheduled for just past 5 PM the same day.

Yes, I'll wake up in my Seoul apartment and go to bed that night -- albeit more than 24 hours later -- in Washington. It makes time travel seem possible.

Is it strange that I'm already feeling nervous about moving back to America? There's nothing to be nervous about! And yet with 21 days to go, little butterflies flit around my stomach at the thought of going home. It's weird how that happens but change can do that to ya...

Some people just need something to worry about and I'm definitely one of those people. At least there are no worries about getting my three-years-in-the-making pumpkin spice latte fix at Detroit's airport. An American Starbucks is just three weeks and a 16-hour flight away.

Booking now for October "appointments," as Koreans say. :-)