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Monday, August 24, 2009

Hamburgers in Pyongyang

- North Korea has opened its first US-style fast food restaurant. But if you're craving a Big Mac, make sure you know its proper name. Hamburgers are nowhere to be found on the menu but a suspiciously similar-sounding "minced beef with bread" is an option.

- How about a beer to go along with that minced beef? Pyongyang now brews its own Taedong River Beer and has even created this fun commercial:

- "Naked News Korea" is no more. After only a month in operation, the CEO has absconded with all of the company's finances. Funny that showing shoulders here is taboo but being naked on TV, no problem.

- First the South Korean government pledged that every home will have a robot by 2020. THen they announced the creation of two "robot cities"; the first, in Incheon, features a Robot Zoo. The cities themselves are scheduled to open by 2013.

- Love animals? Move to Seoul, where you can become the proud owner of a red fluorescent puppy or cloned fluorescent cat.