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Friday, August 21, 2009

A taste of autumn... and processed chemicals

You can talk for hours to your students about the dangers of processed foods, and they might pretend to agree, but at the end of the day, all anyone wants is a good party. So to celebrate finishing three weeks of intensive English camp, that's exactly what we had.

My students were actually were a little surprised when I mentioned having a party and asked them to bring in their favorite snacks. "But teacher, processed foods?"

I countered with the suggestion of bringing in fruit, instead.

"No teacher, pizza!"

Bear in mind that the lesson about not eating processed junk centered around the hidden additives in foods like... pizza. Lesson = not learned.

At least everyone had fun, plus I got to try a ton of Korean snacks that I've seen kids eat but never actually tried myself.


Autumn is on the wind. Today was the first day all summer that the humidity abated and a lazy breeze drifted through the city. It was still hot in the sun but walking in the shade was perfectly pleasant. Shopping for produce at the market this afternoon, I even smelled a wood fire (although where it was coming from, I have no idea).

At the orchard during my last autumn in DC -- ah, memories!

I'm SO looking forward to my first fall at home since 2006 -- crunchy orange and red leaves, heading out to Homestead Farm to pick apples and pumpkins, long walks through the crisp autumn air, spending hours at Caribou with a steaming chai and good book... okay, that one is good any time of year!

That said, I'm teaching swimming all day tomorrow and Sunday. And then the pool closes -- yes, already! -- and summer will really feel like it's fading away.

40 days.

What's the best way to teach kids about healthy living?