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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hair poll

It's decision time.

I desperately need a haircut. Can you believe that I've only had one haircut in 10.5 months? Ridiculous.

It's actually not THAT long but with the summer heat, I end up all sweaty by the end of the day. Plus, styling long-ish hair in this humidity is pretty much a no-go. Every day ends in a ponytail and we all know that I hate ponytails. (Thank you, Dr. T.)

I've been putting off a haircut because, truthfully, it's not much fun to walk into a salon and barely be able to communicate with the hairdresser. My first hair experience in Korea was decent even though the stylist, after seeing a photo of the cut I wanted, said it was "impossible." She attempted bangs but really, it was just layering.

And that's the question: yea or nay on the bangs? I haven't had them since about 4th grade -- those super-attractive straight across ones that we all sported in the 90s -- but some sideswept bangs might be cute and a break away from my norm.

On the other hand, maybe my face can't support bangs. It's like how some women look great with a pixie cut and others resemble Tinker Bell's ugly sister. (wow, totally went through life thinking her name was Tinkerbell but Google tells me it's two words...)

So tell me what to do:

Bangs or no bangs?