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Friday, August 14, 2009

We all have vices

I have a huge sweet tooth.

400 won.
150 calories.
The only downside is having to walk out of McDonald's smelling faintly of grease and fried foods.

Others enjoy the drink. Those soju ads I blogged about last month are in my neighborhood, too.

Some people have a taste for blood.

Even if I was a pork eater, the idea of looking a pig in the face while buying a slab of his flesh might turn me off.

Many people are addicted to gum.

It's only when you watch people chewing gum -- not when you're doing it yourself -- that you realize what an unattractive habit it is. Xylitol completely dominates the market here. There's a bigger selection of Xylitol at the grocery store than bread. No joke.

Wow, I just realized that I haven't had a piece of gum since moving to Korea 10.5 months ago.

Thankfully, loving beauty is not a vice.

Although greed IS and I need a new pair of sneakers. Mine have been around the world and are fraying in awkward places. Suggestions?

What's your biggest vice?