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Friday, August 7, 2009

Special Edition: From the mailbag

Remember a few days ago when I blogged about my awesome middle school students swearing off processed foods?

While they might not be completely off the processed junk, they are definitely still a great group. To prove that, check out a few of the fantastic letters they wrote in Post Office class. I especially like the ones that admit to sleeping in my class!

Besides daily intensive ESL, we also have some situational classes -- like Hair Salon -- together and considering that they are all 13-15 years old, everyone was fairly happy to put on a wig and have some fun.

Wall of wigs

(Okay, maybe not "happy" but everyone wore one after I used extra stamps as a bribe, er, incentive...)

Modified Uno -- instead of shouting "Uno!" when you have one card, you put on a wig. Card game + hair salon + middle school students = success.

Dear Erin,

Hi Erin. My name is Jackqueline in Team 2. You are our homeroom teacher! Do you remember me? If you don't I'm so sad about that!!! :) Just kidding. Erin you know? Our Team 2 love you so much and me too! Your kind and beautiful also you always kind to me! Your smile make me relax. You always do game for us. I'm really thanks for you. I'm glad that I'm your student! I know that I don't have much time to study with you! As a result I'm sad, but!!! Let's spend the rest of the time happily! I LOVE YOU!
Your best student, Jackqueline

Dear Erin,
Hi, Erin!! I'm Missy. You're a best teacher for us! We love you. You're so kind, smart, and funny. I like your everything. Your style, sense, and your smile. :)!! You're so gorgeous. <3>

However, I want to know you. Your life style, what do you like and etc. Was it good in Washington DC? I hope to go to U.S.A. I don't have ever been foreign countries. Do you like Korea? How do you think about Korea? I hope you like Korea. :)
Bye! Sincerely, Missy

Dear Erin teacher,
Hello, Erin teacher! I'm your student. I think you're very kind and nice and also you're pretty and beautiful. We're makeing lots of noisy and I slept lots of time but you're always smile. You'll be a good mom later.
Bye, bye, take care, best wishes.
From Grace

Hello Erin,
I'm Team 2 Joon. Do you like about this SEV camp? I don't like much but I like it. I think your class is funny. Sorry about sleep in the class but that's so sleepy. Anyway just remember me when I back at this SEV camp.
Goodby. From Joon

My favorite letter from the bunch:

Dear Erin
Hi Erin! I'm Jessie. Do you remember me? Team 2's crazy girl! I think you're so beautiful and kind and smart teacher. You helped our team so our team 2 can learned English more easily. First time, I think foreigners are really scared but when I met you, my opinion is change. I like foreigners and also I like Washington, DC.

You like Korea? I wish you like Korea. I'll miss you and I wish you become a best writer in the world! Also thanks to loving team 2 students and when we talking so much, you didn't angry and Im sorry.

I love you, teacher! I'll never forget you. Erin teacher, when you go to your house (Washington, DC), please tell Korea to USA citizens. I love you, teacher.
Sincerely, Jessie

Jessie describes her looks as half hedgehog, half Dory from "Finding Nemo." And then told me that her dentist recommended plastic surgery because her face is too long...