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Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Musings

Can we discuss the upcoming week's weather forecast?


- Finding it hard to get enough fruits and veggies onto your plate? I love green smoothies and now there's even more buzz about how these super-drinks might be the perfect meal. 

- News from our northern neighbor: Is Kim Jong-Il dying of cancer? Will diplomacy allow Euna Lee and Laura Ling be released before they are sent to labor camps

- I'm not sure who has become less likable, Jon or Kate Gosselin. Just when Kate seems to be taking the fall, Jon and his new girlfriend manage to trump her. And to think, I used to love this show!

- Water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink? Proof that just one person, with a brilliant idea and good marketing skills, can make a difference

- Newspapers sans crossword puzzles? Say it ain't so!

- If you think shopping at Costco in Rockville is bad on Saturday mornings, imagine the crowds here!

- Anyone else excited for the new Harry Potter movie? I already have tickets for a showing Saturday afternoon. 

- Tina Fey + "Sesame Street" + pirates + promoting children's literacy = amazing.