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Sunday, July 12, 2009


It sounded kind of cool to live in a place with an annual monsoon season. "Monsoon." Like a less-threatening tsunami, a monsoon brings to mind adventure and excitement, plus a constant reminder of the aptly-named Edina Monsoon.

But that's before you realize that "monsoon" is just a hyperbole for: 


A lot of rain.

Buckets upon buckets of rain. 

And not nice summer showers. No, a monsoon douses you with sheets, torrents, Niagara Falls of sideways-bending, shoes-saturating, sodden-pants-creating rain. 

It's a two minute walk to work if I go slowly. Even with an umbrella, I arrived at work this week with completely waterlogged shoes and dripping hair. It's a lot of fun teaching in that condition, let me tell you. 

Actually, a monsoon might be fairly enjoyable if you could just stay inside all day, cozily curled up in bed with a cup of cocoa and a good book as raindrops pound against the window. But heaven help if you are required to venture outside. 

All of this is a long way of saying that thanks to the rain, I arrived at church this morning smelling vaguely of wet dog. (Sorry to Natalie who not only had to sit next to me, but spend the afternoon with me as well. Ah well, she faced the same soaking conditions.) 

We set out afterwards for lunch at a crêperie in Hongdae and some art galleries. There's a lovely area of Hongdae set away from the bars and chain restaurants that features nothing but quaint cafés, adorable boutiques and funky galleries.

The crêperie was inexplicably closed. So were the two galleries we wanted to visit. Yes, it's Sunday but you'd think on a weekend.... It was one of those moments where you turn to someone and say, "Why, this doesn't make sense!" and get the response, "Erin, did you forget what country we're in?" More often than not, Koreans seem to enjoy taking the less-logical route. I'm still trying to figure out the reason for this. 

Despite the obstacles, we still enjoyed a fantastic lunch at Jenny's Bread -- if you haven't been here or the equally-yummy Jenny's Cafe, go go go! Good soups, salads and sandwiches, plus all the bread is baked daily on-site -- it was fun to eat lunch while watching employees pounding out dough and cutting fresh loaves. 

Pumpkin soup is hugely popular here. Often it and corn soup are the only options. It took me  a while to get used to but it's actually pretty tasty; plus, how beautiful is this?!

And now after a one-day weekend, it's back to work for meeee. Can't complain though -- I somehow completely lucked out with next Saturday and Sunday off -- Harry Potter and a massive amount of food are already on the agenda.