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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

From the mailbag

Sorry for being absent for a couple of days -- it took me awhile to get back into the swing of things here and Korea and re-adjust to teaching and life in general. Slowly getting back on track managing work and life obligations. I ate ridiculous amounts of food while on vacation and over the past few days so I need to force myself to get back in the swing of normal life, which does NOT include daily ice cream, lattes and oodles of processed foods. Just connect a broccoli-spinach drip to my arm and let me be....

It was definitely hard returning to Seoul, leaving behind Sydney's many offerings to emerge into a thick, pea-soup fog. Between that and the omnipresent scent of beer and urine that engulfed Incheon, it wasn't exactly a pleasant homecoming. 

Swimming class started today and is four hours of basically free time in the pool with a dozen teachers and 300-400 kids. Pretty easy afternoon of work, eh? There are definitely worse ways to spend a paid afternoon. The busy summer season kicks off this week though with a 6-day, overtime-filled workweek. The rest of summer will be like this and then I'm in the homestretch before being "finish-ee" in Korea. Wow!

Not-so-secret admirer
My dearest teacher Erin,
Hello? Erin? Do you know me? You was Immigration of me! (All of the students have to come through "immigration" when they arrive at school and get nametags.) When I met you, I felt you are very pretty and kind! And you were same as my feeling (while we were talking, I felt it). I think Narin is a special and unique name but Erin is the most similar name I'd met! I met you only one minute but I love you so much! I want to meet you in the classtime. What's your class?
See you later.
P.S. What's your phone number?
Dearest, Narin

Sucking up
How is it teacher. I love you Erin teacher. Teacher we love you. I love you. My friend please o.k.? Teacher smile very happy.

The next ANTM judge
Hello Mrs. Erin,
I hope you remember me.... Why? Because I was the girl who liked you the most! I think you have a really pretty, beautiful face. Especially your nose. Why? Because it is high and sharp. I like high and point sharp nose.
I hope you'll remember me even if I leave this SEV.
P.S. Am I pretty?

Dear Erin teacher,
Hi! This is Suzy from your recent ESL class. I like the ESL class because of the playing time at the end of class. (Of course, I do not really like the workbook we do.) I think you give us lots of stamps. When I compared my stamps with my other friends, I had the most! Actually, I didn't like ESL class, but it got fun, and I think it's because of you. You are kind and generous and most of all, I think you are able to read students' minds. So, I like you also your class.