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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Aaaaaaand she's off!

Before I forget, you need to read this: Time Wastes too Fast -- and the Pursuit of Happiness. This gorgeous blog from a visual artist held me completely captivated through each picture and bit of the story. If you've been to Monticello, you can see that Maira Kalman does an extraordinary job capturing the essence of the place. And if you haven't been to Monticello... what are you waiting for? Go! 

I'm taking advantage of Incheon's free wireless Internet to blog before hopping onto an airplane and setting off for Sydney. Sitting here, it's obvious why Incheon was voted the world's best airport -- free wireless, a decent assortment of shops and restaurants (even though it was impossible to find anything vegetarian for dinner so I settled for a lame veggie sub from Subway), multiple Korean cultural centers with free performances and crafts.... Plus the entire place is ridiculously clean and modern. 

Not a bad place to wait for a flight to leave the country.

I was nervous yesterday and earlier today. Not about traveling exactly but just about spending most of the trip alone. Olga arrives Tuesday and we'll explore together for a couple of days but besides that, I'm not sure how much I'll be able to see my Aussie friends, especially during the day. 

But as I sat on the bus coming to the airport, I couldn't stop smiling. I'm SO looking forward to this trip. There's a vague mental itinerary stored somewhere in my brain but besides that, it's a chance to completely detach from Korean life, unwind, enjoy a little slice of home with the luxury of a brand-new country. 

The nice thing about not having a ton of "must-see" sights is that I'm open to see what strikes my fancy at the moment. Fancy an afternoon of wandering through Hyde Park? Okay. Follow a random alley and see where it leads me? Okay!

I'm also excited to see a few shows while there since there are very few English-language performances in Seoul. Even musicals are entirely translated into Korean -- "Dreamgirls" just closed here and seemed like an odd choice to be performed by an all-Korean cast.

Fingers crossed that I'll see something at the Sydney Opera House and Friday night I'm VERY excited to see my favorite British comediennes, French and Saunders, perform on their farewell tour. It worked out so fortuitously that I booked a week in Sydney at the same time they're performing there. Luck! 

Look for the blog and (hopefully) pictures on Facebook to be updated daily. My hotel has wireless but I'm sure there are also a million coffee shops with it, too. 

Going, going...gone!