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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How's your Konglish?

I've blogged before about Konglish, the strange amalgamation of English and Korean. A lot of it makes sense but it sometimes causes confusion when you're trying to teach proper English. Many words have an "ee" or "uh" on the end: "change-ee," "brush-ee," "set-uh." 

It can be difficult to explain that the words are actually "change," "brush" and "set." The kids know they're using the correct vocabulary but have a lot of trouble mastering pronunciation. For instance, in Hair Salon I try to teach "curly hair," but everyone insists on saying "perm-uh." And while perm is somewhat correct, not all curly hair is permed and "perm-uh" certainly isn't English.

Want to see how well you know Konglish? Take this short quiz from Mimsie's blog. I scored 10/10! Maybe I belong in Korea after all....

Also from the classroom, my June schedule has changed dramatically from the previous eight months. To guarantee weekends off for my trip at the end of the month, I'm now working evening shift. It's 1:30-8:30 versus 9-5:15, which works out to five fewer teaching hours a week.

The other benefit of evening shift is that the after-dinner class is always a group activity or game: fashion show, where the kids make clothes out of newspaper and then sashay down an imaginary runway; Golden Bell, a Jeopardy-like quiz show; or a massive game of dodgeball. 

It's much less teaching and more fun, and even though it sucks having to go to work after dinner (when I really just want to sleep), it's an easy trade-off for guaranteed off weekends the entire month. 

(I hate complaining about my health but I'm still feeling under the weather after being incredibly sick last week -- all that remains is a horrid cough and congestion, but my appetite never returned. I'm feeling full from literally 600 calories a day. Not good!)