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Monday, June 1, 2009

Desperately seeking common sense

Myeongdong: children's hanboks -- so cute!

Whose idea was it to start construction at 9:30 tonight on the campus of a school that has boarding children, not to mention live-in teachers? They're tearing up the driveway and for some reason thought it would be a good idea to wait until bedtime begin jackhammering.

In another "lack of common sense" move, we were informed today that all of the teacher apartments will receive fresh wallpaper at some point before Friday. We were instructed to move all our furniture to the center of the room for the rest of the week until they are finished. 

Our apartments are about 15 x 15. There's no way I'm moving my dresser/table/bed/bookshelf to the middle of the room and trying to exist that way for a week. Either give me advance warning or move it yourself. 

Also in the vein of "what are they thinking?" after giving out an entire set of guidelines and new rules in light of the current swine flu pandemic, it took nearly a week to implement any of them. We were supposed to start having our temperatures taken on Friday -- today was the first day it was up and running. Hand sanitization machines finally appeared in the office today, too.

They have yet to give us non-bar, antibacterial soap. Imagine sharing a bar of slimy soap with hundreds of kids in a public bathroom. It's disgusting. Koreans love bar soap -- if public bathrooms even have soap, it's in bar form. And that is why I carry hand sanitizer everywhere in my purse. 

Oh, Korea, I need a vacation. 25 days until Australia; 120 days until I'm finished working here.