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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Effortlessly drinkable

I bought a bottle of white wine from E-Mart recently -- supposedly French although I have my doubts -- and love the packaging. It shows a white couple reclining on a sofa, with the man winking and the woman appearing asleep. The wine promises to be "effortlessly drinkable." What kind of wine takes effort to drink? In what situation do you say, "Gee, I really want a glass of wine but it's too much effort"?

Just sayin'....

Today is one of those days I could definitely use a nice glass of wine post-work. I'm really starting to drag and all my limbs feel like they weigh a million pounds. Definitely ready for a 3-day weekend with no concrete plans besides church and lunch Sunday; otherwise, this weekend will be filled with a few long walks, a couple of movies and plenty of sleep.


The past few months have seen me transform into a produce junkie. I just can't get enough. I now know where to get the best quality and best deals on a variety of foods, from apples and oranges to lettuce and peppers. A lot of produce is outrageously expensive in Seoul, though, which is such a change from the reasonably-priced goods at home. Hopefully with summer on the horizon more fruits will emerge because right now, the market consists of oranges, bananas and a few exorbitantly-priced watermelons. 

It's definitely more fun shopping at the neighborhood market compared to a grocery store. Most of the vendors are really friendly and patient with my less-than-stellar Korean, and will often complete the transaction and then throw in a couple of apples "service" (aka free). 

One woman always tries to speak English but giggles throughout the sale. An 'A' for effort on her part, though. I usually resort to fingers if I need to buy more than five of any one item because I can never remember the numbers after five. There are two sets of numbers in Korean -- one for tangible items, the other for everything else (time, price) -- and I'm always getting confused!


Dear Erin Teacher,

Hello teacher. My name is Susan. Seoul English Village is very funny to me. And I'm having a great time at SEV. I've met some friends. Their names are Nicole and Daisy. They are very kind and friendly.

My favorite class is Cooking Class. Because it's very funny and I like cooking. Next time when I'll get here, I want to study with you. And the chocolate chip cupcake was delicious. What are you doing now? You are making a cupcake with students? 

Anyway, I want to see you next time. When I get here next time, I hope you can know me. I don't forget you everyday. 

Goodbye Erin Teacher!


Is it bad that I've already started a (mental) countdown to Australia? A month and a half! There's just so much to look forward to, not just as a vacation from work but also as a chance to visit friends, explore a new country and see some shows (yep, I've already scoped out some different performances in Sydney that week). Plus, as Zoe informed me, Australia has one of the largest Greek populations in the world, so I'll finally get some hummus, souvlaki and other to-die-for dishes. 

Ah June, come quickly!