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Monday, April 27, 2009

More fun with Google

Yet again, I'm fascinated by the keywords bringing people to my blog.

What disappointment, I imagine, for the people Googling "my boobs are okay," "huge boobs world" and, simply but eloquently, "boobs," to instead stumble onto a post about an encounter with one of my students.

The most popular search word by far was "octomom," which led to another story from the classroom. I guess Nadya Suleman fever hasn't died down yet, eh?

Strangely, one American Googled the name of Lauren's dad and ended up at my site. Considering I've never mentioned him on this blog and have only even met him briefly, it's an odd find.

"Mercado's," the Brazilian steakhouse in Apujeong, was a popular query -- hope people found what they are looking for! I've now re-banned red meat, so no more trips out there, unfortunately.

"The smell of burritos," "my Mexican heritage" and "El Panzon Camden" just go to show you how often I blog about Mexican food. Really, really often.

The creepiest ones are variations on my name or school: "erinteacher," "Erin English teacher Seoul," "Erin postcards from the world," "Irish Erin Korea"... I wonder how many hits down the list I am with these.

Oh Google, always interesting, always informative. Thanks.