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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Octomom is universal

And here I thought the Octomom story was confined to merely the contiguous US states and Canada, with an occasional splashy cover in a key British tabloid like The Sun.

But no. Apparently this sensational story has long legs because even here in Korea, people are aware of the Nadya Suleman saga.

I was stamping passports at the end of class today (students carry passports from class to class, receiving up to three stamps for good behavior) and some of the girls were drawing on the whiteboard.

"Octomom!" one said.

That caught my attention. Turning around, I saw a woman (who actually resembled Michelle Duggar, come to think of it) and -- one, two, three -- okay, eight babies next to her. Well, not exactly babies, but little sausage-looking figures that were meant to resemble babies.

The girls weren't fluent enough at English to fully explain their drawing, or where they had heard of Octomom, but I was caught off-guard. It certainly made me laugh during my last class of the day.


In other news from the US of A:

- Speaking of the Duggars, there's another one on the way! Gosh, I am way too fascinated with this family.

- This woman has a pretty cool year in front of her. Major admiration.

- A new study suggests that sisters make people happy. Kate, any comment?

- Gun violence: the American way?

- My pick for coolest restaurant ever. It's kind of like that restaurant at Disney World where one wall is an aquarium, but even better.

- Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb.

- Americans might be able to travel to Cuba soon. Book me a ticket!