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Monday, March 30, 2009

Somewhere in between here and gone

It seems like just yesterday I was blogging about having been in Korea two weeks, then three months ... and now here I am at the six month mark, halfway finished.

I could use the old clichés about time flying or passing in the blink of an eye, but they can't do justice to how quickly the past six months have gone. Six months sounds like a long time but now that I'm halfway finished, I know I'll be back in America in no time. It's a comforting feeling on those days when Korea provides an endless number of annoyances.

Current annoyance: the continuing plummet of the economy. Sigh. My poor paycheck.

The second half of my Korea adventure should be more exciting then the first. Although I did visit Thailand and the Philippines, there were few chances to explore Korea. Now that nice weather is finally arriving, I'm looking forward to seeing more of this country and Seoul. It's much easier to get motivated to leave a cozy apartment when you're heading outside into lovely weather and not the subarctic.

I'm sure it will go equally as fast, especially once summer hits. I'll be in Australia at the end of June and early July, and then summer camp begins, meaning the return of several friends and five busy weeks of work. That takes us into September and my final month. Hard to believe, hard to believe.

It's a strange feeling, not having seen any of my friends or family in six months and knowing it's another six until we get together again. I'm looking forward to that more than anything.

All things told, I'm really lucky to have this opportunity -- things could be a lot worse if I was just a few miles north.

Just one request: when I get home in October, please don't ask, "How was Korea?"

How do you sum up a year of your life in one short soundbite?

I like living here:

But I'm looking forward to getting back here:

Staying connected a million miles away

Once upon a time, moving across the world meant at least a little disconnection with the home country. Letters and phone calls are okay, newspapers have a good dose of international news, but the Internet completely revolutionized ex-pat living.

Thanks to websites like CNN.com and Most Emailed News, which is constantly updated with the most emailed stories on more than 20 news websites, it's never been easier to stay in-the-know.

A few favorites:

- Maybe a better story would be about what doesn't cause cancer.

- I forsee an appearance on "The Jeremy Kyle Show" in this kid's not-too-distant future -- Alfie is not the daddy.

- See, exercise is bad for you!

- I wish them a long and healthy marriage.

- The recession is benefiting the nude travel industry.

- UN: "Earth Hour was probably the largest public demonstration on climate change ever."

- This is so wrong but so funny.

- Hemingway's Spain.

- As the pièce de résistance, I present Animals who Hate Baths.