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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saving the planet, one lightswitch at a time

If all things go as planned, this post should automatically appear just as Earth Hour 2009 begins in Seoul.

The premise of Earth Hour is simple: at 8:30pm local time, turn off your lights and other electronic devices (computer, radio, TV, etc.) for one hour. That's it.

This simple act can make a difference. If nothing else, it shows solidarity with the fight against global warming and enhances a worldwide dialogue about energy consumption. Plus, maybe we'll each discover something to do for an hour a day that doesn't involve being chained to our computers/TVs/comfy living rooms.

Organizers this year expect 1 billion people around the world to participate.

Every person, every household, every community makes a difference. What do you have to lose?

Seoul plans to shut off the lights at many prominent sites:

This year, Seoul will take part in this event by turning off the lights of such landmarks as the COEX, the 63 Building, the bridges over the Han River, Bukchang-dong as well as two large signboards in the Dongdaemun Fashion District. Two apartment complexes in Seoul will join in Earth Hour, as well, to set a positive example. The City of Seoul will continue to encourage its citizens and guests to participate in this event.

I'll be interested to find out how many Koreans get involved tonight, as no one I've talked to here had even heard of Earth Hour, much less had plans to participate.

Get inspired:

A message from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon (from Korea):

Pictures from Earth Hour 2008: