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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I love the smell of burritos in the morning

Every time I move out of the United States, there's one thing I miss more than anything else: good Mexican food. Specifically, Chipotle.

Why is it impossible to find decent Mexican food anywhere outside of the Americas? El Panzon's Camden food stand is a reasonable alternative in London but the hunt for burritos in Korea was a dead-end street. On the Border filled my most base Mexican needs but couldn't truly satiate me. The next 6 months looked bleak and hopeless.

Until Sunday. I guess all that church-going paid off because after service Sunday, Karen and I met up at Tomatillo near Jonggak station (there are a few locations of this new restaurant in Seoul, including one at COEX).

Karen had been before and said it was the closest to authentic Tex-Mex that she, as a Texan, had found in Korea. As soon as we walked in, I knew I was home.

According to Karen, the owner is a kyopo who took some inspiration from Chipotle in creating Tomatillo. The only concession the restaurant makes to Korean food is including bulgogi as a meat choice, but everything else is authentic Tex-Mex. Even the decor resembles Chipotle.

My chicken burrito was delicious. And you could tell the corn chips were freshly made and not just poured from a bag. Plus at about 10,000 won per person, Tomatillo is a lot cheaper than On the Border; it's comparable in price to Dos Tacos but the food and atmosphere are much better here.

I'll definitely be going back soon. Gosh, now that I've found this place, there's really no neeplud to ever move back to the United States. Guess I'm here to stay!

(just kidding. obviously.)

Also, someone mentioned recently that I blog a lot about food. That's because I love food. Seriously, loooooove it. One day I'll be 500 pounds but until then, I'm just going to keep eating and stay happy. I really enjoy those shows on Discovery Health Channel about morbidly obese people -- I know it's wrong but they are mesmerizing. So at least in a few years I'll be able to star on a show called "I Ate Burritos Every Day and Now Need to be Lifted Out of My House by a Crane."