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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Breaking News Fail

In photojournalism class, they taught us that the picture should always enhance the story. Job well done, CNN.

One idea of heaven

"Man cannot live by bread alone; he must have peanut butter."
-Google attributes this quote to President James A. Garfield, Bill Cosby and Dave Gardner. I don't know who really said it but I hope it was the President.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the peanut butter and jelly selection at Lotte department store.

For any foreigners in Seoul needing a PB fix or craving cheese, Lotte has a fairly decent selection of imported foods in its basement level. The prices are comparable to any foreign grocery in the city and although it doesn't have the variety of products as your average Itaewon foreign market, the convenience of Lotte makes this a great place to pop in and pick up a few things.

Plus, Lotte is just next to my neighborhood E-Mart so a quick ride on the 151 bus and almost all my food needs are met.

Except hummus. Where can a girl get some pita and hummus in this country?!

Also -- can someone explain the difference between "new" Jif and regular? The store had three kinds of creamy Jif (but no reduced fat, strangely enough) and the company website doesn't even mention the new one. So many questions but you remember the last time I tried to buy peanut butter.