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Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm never as productive on weekends as I intend to be

Weekends always start with such promise, Friday night with two full days of nothingness in front of you. And yet Sunday evening creeps up so quickly every week and before you know it, Monday morning is staring you straight in the face.

It was a pretty relaxing weekend. Yesterday, I had lunch with Joyce, Alice and some other friends before Joyce and Kana flew back to Canada. It's been sad to see Joyce leave since we became good friends while she was here for winter camp, but I'm sure she'll be back before I leave Korea and it's great to finally know people in Vancouver (which is by far one of the world's best cities).

Lunch was shabu-shabu and silly Erin forgot her camera to document this key culinary experience. It's basically Asian comfort food of boiled meat and vegetable soup. After the first soup is finished, you add noodles to the broth and eat soup #2.

Once that is gone, rice and vegetables are combined to make a delicious congee (rice porridge). The whole meal is fairly bland but still tasty; as Wikipedia puts it, "It is also the dish of choice to serve the ill or elderly, as it is easily consumed and digested."

Today was bitterly cold, definitely one of the most frigid in the past month or so. Went for a short walk around the neighborhood after church but I quickly became too frozen to stay out long. There's a little park in the residential area near campus and I managed to take a few pictures before losing my fingers to frostbite.

**Two weeks until the Philippines**