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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rockin' around the Christmas tree

The best thing about Christmas -- besides the food, gifts, coziness, smells, peppermint-flavored everything and family togetherness -- is the music. From Thanksgiving on, my car radio is firmly tuned to the Christmas station and woe betide anyone who tries to move the dial. My sister almost ended up missing a few fingers the last time she tried sneaking in some Wale.

(Side note: apparently, Wale graduated from my high school a couple of years before I did. I'm not exactly sure who he is -- blame it on spending too much time outside the USA -- but that's still cool, I guess.)

Inspired by Erin's 12 Songs of Christmas, here's my essential holiday playlist:

12. It's nauseatingly shmaltzy but I had to give the hometown tune a spot on the list, even if she does try to name-drop every neighborhood and major site.

11. During Christmas concerts at the Kennedy Center, I always liked watching the man making the "whip" crack.

10. A modern take on a classic.

9. This is just one reason Love Actually is spectacular.

8. A good song if you're far away from home over the holidays.

7. "Peanuts" + Christmas = warm, cozy feeling year after year.

6. Josh Groban gives me chills.

5. Christmas is the perfect time for a message of peace.

4. You can't help but smile...

3. What's Christmas without the Muppets?

2. Nobody does it better than Judy Garland.

1. White Christmas has always been, and will always be, the best Christmas movie ever. No contest.

Worst Christmas song ever? "Christmas Shoes." I really, really, really dislike it.

What's your favorite Christmas song? Which one do you dislike?


  1. did i tell you that wale was shooting his music video at bens chili bowl when i was eating there?? im practically a celebrity now!

  2. Yay! Awesome. Thanks for the shout out :)

    I cannot believe I didn't include White Christmas. After I posted it, I was like Oh my god! I LOVE that movie so much.

  3. HA! I totally could have made this list myself - right down to the #1 (Do you love the movie too?) and hating the Christmas Shoes song. We must have very similar taste!