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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A cake for Mom

It's my mom's birthday!

Paris, 2006

My mom is my favorite traveling partner -- I obviously got the travel bug from her. In the past few years, she's taken me to Paris, Prague, Mexico, Alaska, Vancouver and visited while I was studying in London. She also travels a lot with her friends and has seen a ton of interesting places in Europe. It's always fun looking through her pictures after a trip.

Alaska, 2008

Our next trip together is hopefully Spain and Portugal in May. Fingers crossed! I feel so lucky to have a mom who supports and encourages me. When I decided to spend time traveling instead of working, she said it was a good idea. There are boxes in her closet full of stories I wrote as a child; last night, we found the first little newspaper I put together at age 10.

This was the first time I've been home for Mom's birthday in a few years, between living overseas and university, so cake-baking was definitely in order. It was so much fun blaring Christmas music and dancing around the kitchen -- burning off those cake calories, right? -- all the while, making a huge mess.

Mom used to bake Kahlua cake when we were younger but it's been a long time since then, so making it again today was definitely an adventure. I had to lick the spatula a few times to make thing everything tasted okay. ;)

The kitchen may now be a disaster -- making the mess is so much more fun than cleaning the mess -- but the end result smells great and only fell apart a teensy bit during transport from Bundt pan to platter. Oops!

We're going to BlackSalt tonight for dinner and presents -- I've only been there for brunch but the dinner menu looks delicious.

Happy Birthday, Mom!


  1. i LOOOVVVEEE Kahlua cake! I've never seen it made as a Bundt cake. I've usually eaten it as sort of a chocolate pudding. Either way, you've got me craving some!

  2. Erin, that was super sweet of you. I hope you had a great meal at Black Salt. I heard some really good things about that place.

  3. That looks delicious!! Especially in a bundt cake, they always look prettier for some reason. Happy Birthday to your Mom!