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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Treasure trove

It's amazing some of the things we've found packing up my grandmother's apartment. A lot has been packed into boxes and moved home, a few pieces are being doled out to family members and more large bags than I can count have been given to Goodwill. It's a massive effort.

But occasionally, we'll stumble onto something really interesting and definitely worth keeping. I may not have an apartment or house yet but am already picking up a few keepsakes to decorate with. (Adding to the only other housewares items I own: a set of Wedgwood china, a set of Waterford crystal glassware and some silver flatware. It's fine dining all the time at casa Erin.)

- The Saturday Evening Post published after John F. Kennedy's assassination. There are other vintage magazines, too, but this was an especially neat find.

- Tons of antique books, including some with inscriptions from the 1870s. We're a family of readers and it shows.

- A fancy blazer from the 1940s that I'd need to lose about 10 pounds and risk having no circulation around my abdomen to wear -- my grandmother was tiny -- but my mom insisted on packing because it's gorgeous.

- A school slate from the early-1920s that once belonged to my great-uncle.

- Boxes upon boxes of photographs, newspaper clippings (whether it was a family member or just a person of interest) and saved correspondence.

- Vintage kitchenware -- hand beaters, a mixer and a million other tiny, retro gadgets.

It's been so interesting going through closets and coming up with little pieces of history. Now it's a matter of transporting and sorting everything.

I may not have anywhere to live yet, but am now the proud owner of some antique salt-and-pepper shakers and a Dutch oven. Slowly, slowly.


  1. Sounds like you are collecting some real gems. I love vintage. Yes, you are on your way....soon you will have a lovely place of your own.

  2. That's exactly how you do it...it starts with antique dutch ovens and blazers and it leads to having so many beautiful items that you have to get an apartment just to decorate them in. Your treasures don't furnish the apartment, but rather the apartment furnishes your treasures.