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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kicking off the Christmas season

Guess who I saw at the mall yesterday?

Yep, Santa Claus. It may only be the first week of November but he's already out with elves in tow, at least here in Evansville, Indiana. Earlier in the morning, I turned on the radio to hear Christmas music playing. What's going on?!

Sorry for my absence but the past few days have been busy with my grandmother's memorial service and funeral. It's been a lot of family time.

I'll be out here indefinitely helping my mom and aunt pack up my grandmother's belongings and organize everything. This may be the same country as Washington but in many ways, Indiana is a world away. I need to find ways to surreptitiously use my camera more, as a quick trip to WalMart last night -- don't judge, there are no other options! -- resulted in a few candidates for People of Walmart. Now I know where all those Americans rocking Kate Gosselin hairdos live.

The other big outing was a dinner at the Log Inn, Indiana's oldest restaurant. It was once patronized by Abraham Lincoln and served both as an early stagecoach stop and a stop on the Underground Railroad. Pretty interesting history.

Food is served family-style at this Southern cooking restaurant. After choosing a meat (choices include fried chicken, roast beef, fiddlers, chicken livers and gizzards), side dishes are brought to the table to share and constantly refilled.

Not eating meat, my plate was filled with mashed potatoes, peas, corn, coleslaw and homemade cornbread (the best part). It was a good meal made better by great company -- a dozen or so extended members of the family. And no Southern meal is complete without homemade pie -- my mom and I split a piece of lemon. Yummmm.

(I think I'm going to gain about 10 pounds being out here. Healthy restaurant choices doesn't seem to exist anywhere, although we did find one Thai restaurant on the other side of town.)

Back to packing!

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  1. Ah yes- the lovely post-halloween-but-not-yet-thanksgiving christmas spirit! It's quite sad, but it's all about marketability and a day when family gets together to fight, bond, and discuss love and life over turkey just doesn't seem to sell plasma televisions. How about we push Christmas earlier and cross-merchandise with Halloween-- what's wrong with trick-or-treating as jolly St. Nick?