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Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's a small world after all

Walking through Petersburg yesterday, a woman came running out of a secondhand shop after noticing me taking photos on the street.

"Are you taking pictures for a book?" she asked.

No, I told her, just waiting for my family to get out of a meeting with a local attorney. I explained that my mom had grown up in Petersburg.

When the woman asked my family name, I told her and she immediately said there was something in her store I had to see.

She led me inside the packed shop, filled to the brim with antique bottles, vintage clothes and old books, to a shelf in the back corner where a red sweater was folded. The sweater, from Petersburg High School marching band, had my mom's name inscribed inside.

It's certainly a small world that this storekeeper happened to flag me down on the street and then recognized the last name.

When my mom's meeting finished, we went back to the store to look at the sweater. Maybe it wound up there when my grandparents had an estate sale before their move to Evansville... but however it happened, it's certainly a cool coincidence.


  1. Wow...that certainly is amazing. I think this highlights the value of personal connections and how easy it is to influence, and become a memory in the lives of others.

  2. what a cool story!

    i love your blog btw.

  3. omg, i love this story! what a beautiful coincidence.

    also, i would buy that sweater. seriously.

  4. Wow, amazing! What a great story.

  5. Whoa! That's weird... and pretty awesome too!

  6. So did you buy the sweater? Really good story, Erin!

  7. Nope, we didn't buy it. The owner is going to use it in a display in her shop. So maybe next time we're there, it will be up.