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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One blue sky

Thanks for all the great vacation suggestions yesterday! It looks like we're leaning toward Costa Rica but who knows?!

Today is one of those perfect, clear blue sky, zero humidity, 70-degree days. It makes me wish I lived on the water -- it would be ideal conditions for a waterfront dinner and boat trip.

Indigo Landing: a great place to be on a warm day, offering amazing views of the city from across the river.

The only water I live near is the manmade lake at the center of my neighborhood but it was perfectly adequate to take a long walk around this morning, admiring the stunning red, orange and yellow leaves.

It's so lovely outside that another evening walk may be in order just to truly enjoy every last minute of this unexpected warmth following a week of nonstop rain and temperatures in the 40s.

Looks like the nice weather will be around for another couple of days before a cold front (and lots more rain) move in at the weekend.


Food for thought: Today's fantastic Washington Post article about the new "super green" classification of fish.

We all know that there are fish that are good to eat and those that aren't -- if nothing else, almost everyone is aware that Chilean sea bass is one of the worst things you can order at a restaurant in terms of its environmental impact.

But the Monterey Bay Aquarium has released new guidelines and introduced an entirely new category: "super green," those fish that are both healthy for for people and the environment.

Giving up seafood entirely is something I've been considering thanks to Simone and her work at SeaWeb. While I haven't made a decision yet -- when you consider health and environmental aspects, you're seemingly damned if you do, damned if you don't -- the most important thing is to be informed.


  1. Today was perfect for walking around a lake. At sunset I went to Lake Artemesia and got a picture of a heron:


  2. I was chained to my desk inside all day yesterday, but my coworker and I did sneak out for ice cream.