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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Farm fresh

One of the best things about living here is the huge range of environments available just a short drive or Metro ride away. From inner city to sprawling suburbs to wide-open spaces, you can go from downtown DC to rural Maryland in under 30 minutes.

For grocery shopping, buying directly from a farm is always better than the grocery store. Not only are you getting the freshest products possible, you're also supporting the local economy and a family-run business.

Rural Maryland still has a lot of family-run farms and it's always fun to head out to pick your own pumpkins, apples or broccoli. You can choose from a huge array of homemade jams, baked goods and crafts.

I've been introduced to new products at farms and farmers markets, too -- different varieties of apples, raspberries and tomatoes that even Whole Foods doesn't carry.

Driving out to the country, seeing the autumn leaves and clear blue skies, the air seems fresher -- especially after a year living in Seoul, where the air just never seemed quite breathable.

Last night, we enjoyed acorn squash from the farm. Today, I'm baking an apple crisp with Fuji apples that had just been picked. It's great to enjoy a meal where you know exactly where the ingredients come from.

Do you visit farms or farmers markets? Even if you can't make it out to a farm, farmers markets are also great places to buy affordable local produce, meat and dairy.


  1. So pretty! I wish we had apple orchids near me... but there aren't any in South Florida! :)

  2. gorgeous pictures!! it makes me miss the pumpkins in the USA...wishing you the best!!