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Monday, September 21, 2009

How I spent (almost) every Monday night

For the majority of my time in Korea, there was one solid routine: the Monday night trip to Dongdaemun for Indian food.

What began as a casual (and occasional) meal in late fall 2008 quickly spiraled into a "first day of the workweek" dinner tradition. The number of participants rose and fell as old teachers left and new ones joined us, both a core group remained solid until the end.

Before: nan and mixed veggie curry (my other favorite is dal [lentils])

And now it IS the end, which meant it was time for one last foray to Dongdaemun and dinner at the best of the best Indian restaurants in Seoul, Everest.

Tucked into an alley several blocks from Dongdaemun's famous labyrinth of malls and markets, Everest is a place you'd never find on your own. With nan longer than my forearm, a running stream of Bollywood movies and amazingly kind servers, this restaurant is the best I've found outside of Brick Lane. (I was never a huge Indian fan until living in London, where we loved Brick Lane curries so much that we regularly schlepped over there from our Marylebone flat.)

After: nan is perfect for wiping clean your bowl

Add to that a fantastic array of Indian goods for sale, like scarves and incense, and it becomes an event dinner.

Oh Everest, thanks for keeping me well-fed and happy. I'll miss you.


  1. Panda Mondays became Indian Mondays?!!? BOOOO

  2. Uhhhmmm, that nan looks so delicious. Yum! This was a great reflective post. Loved it.