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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cafeteria cuisine, take 2

Remember last week's congealed gelatinous fish product?

I'm happy to report that this week's cafeteria offering at least included something edible.

Okay, the main entree was fried fish but since it was a self-serve buffet, I opted instead to cover my steamed rice with several heaping spoonfuls of stir-fried broccoli, carrots and mushrooms. The woman next to me in line gave a sideways "What's that crazy waegook doing?" look, as if I didn't know that veggies were meant to be on the side and served in microscopic portions, but I didn't care.

Accompanied by kimchi -- this variety is a nice change from the usual cabbage kind and adds a pleasant kick when mixed in with the other veggies -- and a bland dduk (rice cake) soup.

See, even in a cafeteria, it is possible to make healthy, tasty choices. It just requires a lot of planning, some selectivity and a little random guesswork. Overall, I definitely prefer cooking for myself but when a cafeteria/buffet can't be avoided... just do the best you can.

Buffets: yea or nay?

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