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Sunday, July 26, 2009

my kind of place

Full confession: I'm not a breakfast person. Eating is the best part of waking up (now that Folgers commerical is stuck in my head!), but it doesn't need to be breakfast-type foods. Waffles, pancakes, cereal -- they don't do anything for me. I'm a person goes to breakfast places and orders a sandwich.

But Tira (a Korean co-worker who loves food as much as I do) has been talking about Butterfinger Pancakes for ages now and hyped it to the point of making a meal there a must-do. In the tradition of I-HOP and Waffle House, Butterfinger serves breakfast all day long, in addition to salads and sandwiches, so a big group of SEV teachers headed there after work yesterday for dinner.

There are several locations of this restaurant throughout Seoul, including Gangnam and Bundang, and the closest to us is Apgujeong near Rodeo Street.

Posing at the subway station -- Tira is one of my favorite people here!

There is always a long wait at Butterfinger so show up with a book and prepared to wait up to an hour or more, especially for brunch. Luckily they let you pre-order your meal, so by the time you sit down at a table, it's only a short time until food appears.

I quizzed everyone who had been there before about what was good before deciding on pecan gingerbread pancakes with a side of scrambled eggs. Hannah had me talked into a strawberry milkshake -- I tried some of hers and it was amaaazing -- until I saw "all natural" smoothies on the menu and switched to that.

A Korean with an afro? Apparently.

We were HUNGRY by the time we sat down -- it was almost 9:00 by the time our food came!

All of the food was absolutely excellent! Waffles and pancakes come with a selection of butters, syrups and fruit compotes -- I skipped everything besides some stewed apples, which was the perfect complement to the cinnamony pancakes.

You can also order a "set" -- the Korean term for a combo plate -- that includes a main dish (pancakes, waffles, omelet) with bacon, potatoes and eggs. I was happy with my order, though. The pancakes were small but just the right amount and a heaping side order of scrambled eggs filled me up perfectly.

(Actually, it filled me up a little too much. I was completely stuffed all day today to the point of feeling almost sick -- I guess I'm not used to eating so much rich food so late at night. Today has been a fruit-and-veggies kinda day.)

I also got a strawberry smoothie -- and was too busy downing it the second it came to take a picture -- and must say that it was the only disappointment of the meal. Sure, it was delicious. But also very, VERY sweet. By "all natural" ingredients, they must have meant heaping amounts of sugar, too. Koreans love sweet things. At fruit smoothie street stands, I'm always leaping to stop the vendor before he dumps several spoonfuls of sugar in the mixture and then gives me an incredulous look as to why I don't want a super-sweetened drink. Why can't anyone believe that fruit is sweet enough without adding anything extra? Ice + fruit = perfection.

It was a great evening filled with good friends and food. Definitely somewhere I'll go back to and bring more people. The prices are definitely steep, as is most Western food in Seoul, but as an occasional treat, Butterfinger Pancakes is ideal.

Godzilla is taking over Seoul! (outside the NANTA theatre)


  1. I've never been to the one in Apujeong, but I love the one in Gangnam... I went twice this week. Hehe. Yum yum yum.

  2. I`ve been to Butterfingers several times (both the one in Apugjeong and Gangnam) and I always walk away very stuffed!!