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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Commercials don't lie, do they?!

If you drink soju, you will look like Lee Hyori. Who clearly had a bad run-in with Photoshop during this print campaign...

If you think sitting through 10 minutes of previews before a movie in America is bad, you've obviously never been to a Korean movie theatre, where a few movie previews are interspersed between 20-30 minutes of inane commercials.

What keeps this from being intolerable is the complete charm of so many of these ads, especially when you have no idea what's being said and instead make up a narrative in your mind.

My favorite commercials are for soju, Korea's signature alcohol. Soju ads -- both print and broadcast -- are everywhere in Seoul. Most reveal all of the fun you're guaranteed after a shot (or 10) of this potent drink.

But the latest gimmick had me alternating between hysterical laughter and honest concern that people believe ridiculous claims. Why? Because the latest advertising campaign from Jinro, the world's leading soju distributor, hopes to target women by claiming that drinking soju can help you lose weight.

The fantastic commentary, as translated by The Grand Narrative:

1kg 빠져도, 다른데?

If you lose 1kg, are you different?

1인치만 줄어도, 좋은데

[Even] if you shorten your skirt by only one inch, it looks better.

1cm만 낮아도, 편한데

[Even] if you reduce the length of your high heels by only 1 cm, they’re more comfortable.

그리고 1도만 더 부드러워져도

처음보다 1도 더 부드럽다

And also if you soften [soju] by only one degree, it’s one degree softer from the first sip.

18.5도 진로제이

진로제이처럼 더 부드러워지세요

Naturally, the ad features a 102-pound woman while touting the benefits of losing one kilo (2.2 pounds) and shortening your skirt.

Honestly, it's more fun not knowing what's really being said and just enjoying the overall silliness. Although this one makes me laugh simply because of the way she says 'coffee':

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