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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Best. Schedule. Ever.

It might not be a conventional 9-5, Monday-Friday gig but there are some weeks where I really like this job. I mean, check out my schedule. A lot of cooking, some talk show, a morning of swimming and, best of all, proofreading! (I told Monica, our scheduler, that proofreading is my favorite thing and that I'd rather do that than teach -- obviously she took it to heart!)

A nice, easy week, especially considering that summer camp just started. There are tons of kids here but also an additional 25-30 teachers to spread out the work, so if anything the workload is less for year-round teachers. 

When I first moved to Korea, the plan was to teach for a year and then return to Washington and find a "real" job. 

Now that scenario is the furthest thing from my mind. It's not even an option unless... well, I honestly can't think of a universe in which that's an option.

Then the plan was to move to the UK and find work there. That's still the ultimate plan as far as my next JOB goes. But after coming back from Australia, I immediately knew I wanted to travel there for a longer period of time, maybe two or three months. 

Fortuitously, Sandy came back to SEV for summer camp and mentioned that she's planning on spending a couple of months traveling around Oceania starting in February. My reaction?"Wow, that's cool, I want to do that one day."

And then it clicked. I do want to do it one day. So why not now?! I'll have the money, no other commitments and my only "plan" was to move somewhere else in the world and find a job. Why not push back the job-finding until late spring and take the trip with Sandy?

So I've now leeched myself to her -- with her blessing and the shared belief that it's always more fun to travel with a friend than solo --  and from February to mid-April, we'll be journeying around Australia and New Zealand (with a possible jaunt to New Caledonia thrown in for good measure).

After I told my mom these plans the other night, she casually broached the possibility of going to Spain or Portugal in May and "would you be interested?" 

Um, yes! She said that hadn't committed to anything because, again, she wasn't sure where I'd be in May but part of the fun of having NO plans is the ability to do ANYTHING.

2010 is shaping up to be an incredible year. It's always fun to have something exciting to look forward to, and my cup runneth over in that regard.

But at the moment, more than anything, I'm looking forward merely to home. 10 weeks, ladies and gentlemen. :)


  1. You're one of the only people I know who can actually call themselves "a citizen of the world"

  2. Wow, I LOVE your plans. hey sound so fun and adventurous. I hope you continue this blog or another so I can be with you while you explore New Zealand (one of the countries on my must see list). Oh Erin, I am sort of envious of your future.

  3. I think you've got a third wheel for Australia...I had a chat with Sandy last night :)
    Here's hoping Aussie is NOTHING like Cebu