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Monday, June 8, 2009

Burned out

Breaking news: Laura Ling and Euna Lee, the two American journalists arrested in North Korea for illegally entering the country, were just sentenced to 12 years in a prison camp. There's no way to appeal this ruling, as they were tried in the highest court in North Korea. Wow. Truly a sad day for journalism and US-North Korean relations. 

I'm feeling a little down on Korea at the moment, despite the stunning spring weather and bright sunshine. It's not the people -- I've made some amazing friends here -- or the country itself. I think it's a feeling of being trapped, stuck in one place for too long. Yes, I realize that this "one place" is a foreign country many people back home would love to visit, but I'm getting anxious to move on and explore somewhere new.

So many books I've read lately have contributed to this wanderlust: books, both fiction and non-fiction, about Israel and Palestine, the Inca Trail, Eastern Europe, England, Australia, the United States northwest. There's so much to see and I'm getting itchy feet just sitting here, following the same routine day after day.

There's no real reason to complain. I leave for Australia in 19 days and that will be a MUCH-needed break from work/life in Korea. And after that, it's less than 3 months until my return to Washington. 

In short, I'm trying to embrace life here and see as much as possible before it's too late. But at the same time, I'm definitely in need of a vacation. There's only so many screaming kids I can deal with before I feel like my head will explode. 

(Possible day trip Saturday to Ganghwado -- let me know if you're interested!)

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  1. Where are you planning to visit in Ganghwa-do? I could give a few suggestions if your interested! :)