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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Asian poses

If you ask most ESL teachers here in Korea to do an "Asian pose" for a picture, you'd get a variety of looks. And no, I'm not talking about any Miley Cyrus stuff here. Korean kids and adults alike choose the most adorable poses for photographs. Emulating their favorite pop stars and TV personalities, the choices range from your typical peace sign to hand hearts. It's precious -- especially when you get a group of boys all making hearts with their arms.

This is a country that loves everything cute -- cute stickers, cute clothes, cute boys (one Korean friend told me that our white friend is so popular among Asian girls because he is cute like an anime character) -- so naturally posing for pictures can be nothing less than, yep, cuuuuuuute. 

Well now YOU can get in on the action with AsianPoses.com, "the definitive guide to Asian poses." The peace sign is an old but still-popular classic:

But there's so much more! It's time that crooked bunny ears, smiling with your hands over your mouth or pointing out your dimples invaded America. 

So stand in front of a mirror, study this website and perfect your moves. I think Tyra might have a new signature pose in the near future....

(PS: I'm going whitewater rafting on Saturday! Not sure how much "whitewater" is actually in Korea but if nothing else, it will be a fun day trip with friends.)

Official countdown to Australia: 11 days

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