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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Understanding my American life

If, like me, you're confused by everything happening with the economy, check out the fantastic past few episodes of "This American Life." They are doing a great job breaking down the recession into words that everyone can understand -- what it all means, what caused it and how the average person is being affected.

The most interesting story from this past week detailed the covert means by which the FDIC takes over a failing bank. It taught me something completely new.

I think that's what I miss about college. Not sitting in class, taking notes and writing papers, but learning new facts all the time.

You know you're getting old when you start listening to NPR for fun -- and I'm not alone.


My mom sent me these photos she took with her iPhone yesterday. Although I think no place can rival Washington for the beauty of cherry blossoms and overall scenery, the Namsan Cherry Blossom Festival begins in two weeks. It will be a great chance to enjoy the outdoors and those beautiful pink and white blossoms.

(Tonight is the big North-South Korea soccer game. I'll have a full write-up and pictures tomorrow.)