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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Two days until the weekend ... not that I'm counting

Lauren and I updated our photography blog this week, per usual, and even though people always make fun of me for saying this, I love the synchronicity between the two pictures. Brightly-colored jellybeans in Cambridge; Crayola-esque paper lanterns in Seoul.

Sometimes it feels like grasping at straws trying to find any similarities, and some weeks I can flat-out admit there are none and that Effron and I must be on different wavelengths, but this week it's undeniable.

Check it out and let us know what you think.


In totally unrelated news, I really love this story about all the DC geographical mistakes "24" makes. (Thanks Emily!)

And I'm not ashamed to admit this made me cry. Jenna did too so at least I'm not alone.


Ridiculous, throwback-to-middle-school quizzes have gained popularity on Facebook over the past few weeks. Normally I don't get sucked into them but there are a few too intriguing to resist: Are you really from DC? (True Washingtonian) What is your true inner nationality? (Swedish) What kind of post-journalism job should I get? (Bartender)

This was my favorite: What type of Asian are you? The result: basically, an ajumma.


  1. I LOVE SUSAN BOYLE!!!! The Asian thing was hysterical and I think we always have something in common :)

  2. Susan Boyle totally made me cry, too. Not only that, but I felt the urge to Youtube Paul Potts (the opera singer from a couple years ago, remember him?) and cried again. We are so lame.

  3. I cried too and I see a striking similarity in your photographs each time you girls post, its truly amazing.