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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rain will make the flowers grow

After an absolutely stunning weekend, the past two days have been cold and rainy. I know the saying is that April showers bring May flowers but after enjoying so many nice days these past weeks, the cold is a rude reminder that it's not summer yet.

When the rain stopped this afternoon, however, I noticed how bright all the flowers around school are. Red, pink, purple, magenta, white. The campus is colored rainbow lately. The cherry blossoms may be gone but these slowly-developing flowers are a sign that it is spring, no matter what the thermometer says.

Random observation: Does Korea not have thunderstorms? Yesterday it was raging outside, wind whipping, rain pelting down from all directions. And yet, no thunder or lightning. So I started to think back and sure enough, in the seven months I've lived in Seoul, I can't recall ever experiencing a thunderstorm.

A quick Google search reveals that there have been thunderstorms in Korea (duh!) but doesn't it seem strange to have had none for such a long time? Maybe it's just me....


Still Shredding, day 15. Took a day off yesterday from sheer exhaustion and, frankly, laziness, but I'm back on today and happy to be halfway finished. Level 2 is definitely a butt-kicker and 10x harder than Level 1, but it also feels like a much better workout.

I'm afraid that when someone finally moves into the apartment under me, they're going to wonder what the heck is happening in my apartment for 20 minutes every night....

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