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Sunday, April 12, 2009

And my imaginary TV career continues...

I almost died laughing today.

After Easter service, there was a potluck brunch for the entire English congregation. A very sweet Korean woman whom I'd never met before, but apparently had seen me around, came over and we started talking. After a few minutes, she told me to learn Korean because I "would be perfect" for a popular TV show here, "Global Talk Show"/ "Talking With Beauties." Has anyone else watched this?

I first heard about this show from Joyce. The basic premise is a group of women from around the world -- all of whom can speak near-perfect Korean -- discussing various issues and answering questions from the audience. It's unexpected to hear Korean coming out of these foreigners' mouths (apparently a number of the girls are language students) but also a lot of fun.

There are clips on YouTube with English subtitles (obviously, it runs here sans subtitles). Check it out. Clearly I'm perfect for this -- or not. Mostly what I find hilarious is the disparity between the Koreans who think I'm beautiful and the ones who call me fat. What gives?!:

It was gorgeous today for Easter -- temperatures in the high 60s, bright sunshine and trees in bloom. An absolutely perfect day.

After a joint Korean-English church service, I went to lunch in Edae and spent a few hours just walking around the city, soaking up the sun. Fingers crossed that the weather stays like this and doesn't revert to freezing temperatures.

Paper lanterns hang all around Seoul to celebrate Buddha's Birthday. This is the street where I live.

I'm going to the Lotus Lantern Festival in a few weeks and get to make my own paper lantern. Cool!


1 comment:

  1. I absolutely LOVE the audience reactions in that show. "Ohhhh!"


    Happy Easter!!

    <3, Emily